Sealcoating Services

We offer the best in asphalt repair and maintenance services. We can solve any of your asphalt problems using state-of-the-art technology and trained personnel. We specialize in dependable customer service.

Asphalt Repair

Before applying the sealcoat, the asphalt is cleaned using power blowers, brooms and shovels to remove all forms of debris. Oils stains get scrubbed with a wire brush, then treated with oil spot primer/sealant to prevent bleed through.(The sealer is not guaranteed to adhere to excessive oil stains.)

If the pavement has areas that are already deteriorated to a point where more than crack repair is needed, we will also remove and replace these sections. This selective replacement, along with a continued maintenance program, can prevent the need for replacing the entire pavement area while providing a lasting, attractive surface at a fraction of the cost incurred by full replacement.

Crack Filling

Before sealing asphalt driveways, parking areas, roads or streets, we remove any debris from cracks. We also sweep out the cracks with a wire brush and a power blower. This prepares the asphalt surface for a commercial-grade, rubberized crack filler. The material is then applied using squeegies. A hot rubberized crack filler is available for residential use upon request. For commercial applications, we strictly use hot pourable rubber crack filler that is applied with a melter/applicator.


We also perform asphalt patching upon request.


Sealcoating protects your asphalt from environmental deterioration as well as petrochemicals from leaking vehicles. Sealcoating prolongs the life of your asphalt and enhances the appearance of your property. Sealcoating and crack filling are often misunderstood. Many people believe their driveway or parking lot will be smooth and level and the cracks will no longer be visible after sealcoating. This is a good description of asphalt resurfacing, but not sealcoating.

A 3% Tar Max additive is blended into the sealer to achieve outstanding strength and durability. The use of this product results in quicker drying times and a better finished coating. This allows you to re-stripe more quickly and shows significantly fewer power steering marks and other imperfections. Tar Max makes the coating dry blacker, improves bonding and helps reduce sand roll-out.

Residential properties are one coat hand applied applications. For longer driveways, if landscaping permits, we will hand apply the main parking area of your driveway and spray apply the remaining length of the driveway. Commercial properties receive a one or two coat application depending on traffic patterns.


After all the repairs and an application of sealer have been completed, we apply the markings for traffic control and parking. We can re-stripe following your existing layout, or re-engineer your parking area to provide additional spaces. For maximum durability, we use State and Federally approved line marking paint.

We serve Chicagoland and the South Suburbs including:

  • Illinois
    • Kankakee County
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    • Will County
  • Indiana
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